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If you have been given the role of Laser/IPL Protection  Supervisor and don’t know what is expected of you then this is your essential course. If you need more confidence in understanding the hazards of working with laser or IPL systems or identifying protective goggles we can help. We will explain the duties, responsibilities and requirements of Laser /IPL Protection Supervisors in an information packed course.

With reference notes and teaching materials drawn from the MHRA Guidance Document on laser and IPL safety, you can be sure of the most up-to-date and relevant training. With practical guidance, useful checklists and worksheets this course will allow you to gain the skills needed to be an effective LPS.

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Through lectures and assessments you will learn about:

You must already have a ‘Core of Knowledge’ and be working in a laser/IPL environment to attend this course.

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We don’t put our application forms on the web because we want to be sure this is the right course for you - so call, email or follow this link to request the forms.

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This is an ideal course for your staff in your facility. It can be adapted to suit your systems and applications - in either the private or hospital sector. Please call us to discuss your needs. (Subject to minimum numbers).

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This course is also run for the hospital sector - tailored to your med
ical laser applications. Please call or email to discuss your needs.
t: +44 (0)845 003 7315