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BTECs are not purely exam-based qualifications, they can include work-based case studies and projects and assessments, which contribute to achieving each unit studied. Each BTEC is made up of units. The number of units is dependent on the level and size of BTEC being studied (eg BTEC Introductory, BTEC National). In order to complete each unit, students must achieve against a set of outcomes. The assessment criteria address theory with practical exercises. The assessment process is ongoing, so it allows the student to analyse and improve their own performance through their course in much the same way as they would in a real workplace. We are responsible for ensuring the students we accept on our BTEC courses are capable of achieving it, and for supporting them through their studies.

What BTEC Qualifications are available?

BTECs are available at a variety of levels but those available at LCS Academy are BTEC Development and Professional Development Qualifications. These are a range of BTEC short course qualifications at Level 4. Each focuses upon the understanding, skills and knowledge needed for expertise or professional development in the area of medical/aesthetic light based therapies and practice.

How long does a BTEC take to complete?

The BTEC qualifications available at LCS Academy are short course qualifications and vary from 2 to 5 day duration depending upon your course of study.We expect you to be able to complete the BTEC within 1-2 years maximum.

What is the difference between a BTEC Award, Certificate and Diploma?

The different sizes of BTEC qualifications vary at each level; the smallest is an Award, the next size is a Certificate and the largest is a Diploma.

What does a student receive on completion of a BTEC course?

On successful completion of a BTEC course a student is provided with a certificate and a Notification of Performance. The certificate gives details of the student’s name, where he/she studied and the name of the qualification (with the overall grade where this is provided). The Notification of Performance gives the titles of the units studied and the grades achieved in each – this is sometimes known as a student profile, and shows what a student has achieved on the course studied.


BTECs allow students to move on to higher education, to progress further in their career, to start their career or in some instances give them the skills to start their own business. They allow the student flexibility and choice in what they choose to do.

Who delivers the qualifications?

All the courses and qualifications available from LCS Academy are delivered by tutors recognised as leading professionals in aesthetic/cosmetic light based therapies or surgical and non-surgical applications. A variety of teaching styles keep the courses and qualifications highly interactive and relevant. Visual demonstrations, teaching aids and enthusiastic tutors make the learning experience both effective and efficient.

Who ensures educational standards?

As an Edexcel approved centre, LCS Academy must ensure that all teaching and assessment material meets quality standards with stringent Internal and External Verification procedures. Internal Verification is the process of matching the assessment criteria from each unit against the learner’s performance and work. The Internal Verifier is appointed by LCS Academy and the External Verifier is appointed by Edexcel. Details of the qualification including timetables, assessment criteria, post course work requirements, etc are available from the course tutors and will be brought to students’ attention during induction.

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