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Care Quality Commission (CQC) Compliance Workshop

About the course, presentations, quality, parts of the course particularly useful and overall rating

“A really good day. I wouldn’t want to go for registration without this course”. “Made me think about aspects of running a clinic I hadn’t appreciated”.  “Tutor was really friendly, it didn’t matter how many questions I asked, she always helped me”. “Thoroughly recommend to everyone - wouldn’t even think of doing this without their help”.   

“Not just informative - ESSENTIAL”.  “Lots of opportunity for questions”. “Clinic registers really useful”. “Section on audit very helpful - realise I need to do it regularly!”.  

Laser/IPL Safety ‘Core of Knowledge’

About the course, presentations, quality, parts of the course particularly useful and overall rating

“Loved it! 5*”. “Great presentation, knowledge, interest and funny too”. “Great starting knowledge, I found everything useful and loved the entire day”. “All excellent”. “Different types of lasers & their different uses really helpful”.  “I found all the info extremely helpful”. “Very comprehensive presentation and content”. “Explanations were excellent”. “Great quality handouts”. “Excellent presentation and teaching style”. “Easy to understand, found the explanations between IPL and laser useful”. “Depth of knowledge of tutor amazing - easy to ask questions”.

“Excellent”. “General info about light tissue interaction v. Informative”. “I feel a lot of things have been made clearer for me today”. “The whole day has given me what I needed. Thank you”. “The explanations and science behind it I found this very interesting and useful”. “It will help my practice enormously”.

“All of it made me understand laser/IPL in more detail”. “Everything was very well explained”.”Thank you Liz - excellent”. “All very good, would like to come again for more courses”. “All the handouts we were given were great. Even the bits that didn’t apply to me were interesting!”. “The Q&A and the trainers knowledge absolutely excellent”. “Info book is excellent”.  

“All of the course was really useful”. “5/5 for the whole event!”. “Difference between lasers and IPLs really helpful”. “Very good and easily understood presentations”. “Information on different light and how effective it is in treating different problems really good”. “Different types of machines very useful info”. “Hazards and way of using and understanding light [very helpful]”. “The teacher was so friendly and she explained everything, very easy to understand”.  

“Very well presented, for all levels”. “Diagrams were very good, made it easier to understand how different lasers work and at which level”. “Difference between IPL and lasers and the hazards and precautions section”. “All excellent learnng”. “You should not buy a laser or IPL before you have attending this course - learned so much and appreciate what to look for now”. “Excellent notes and great teacher”. “Really good day”.

“Learning the differences between laser & IPL was really helpful”. “Great to have individual time for questions”. “The absorption charts and info on side effects to treatment was excellent”. “Very effective presentations”. “Video clips were really good to help me understand and help me avoid certain mistakes”. “Brilliant course - thank you”.   

Laser/IPL Protection Supervisor

About the course, presentations, quality, parts of the course particularly useful and overall rating

“Laser wavelength explanations, damage to eyes and risk assessment exercises really helpful”. “The practical risk assessment was really good and the information on what authorised users should know”.  “Risk assessment part very good”.  “An excellent value day of learning and work”. “I think the tutor was fantastic. It was a brilliant day and fun too”.

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