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lcs academy laser safety training, core of knowledge training, intense pulsed light and lasers, core of knowledge for laser users has laser/IPL deregulation affected you?

If you are a beauty therapist or non healthcare professional providing cosmetic laser/IPL treatments, things changed for you in October 2010.

Cosmetic laser/IPL services provided by beauty therapists are no longer regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and we know this has left many beauty therapy clinics wondering what they need to meet the Local Authority/Local Council requirements for training, safety advice, risk assessments and protocols.

want to set up a new clinic?

Local Authorities (your local council) have now taken over regulation of the non healthcare care sector. In some areas of England there may be ‘Special Treatment Licence’ requirements that you need to meet but where ever you open your clinic you will need evidence of:

We can help you with all of these things - we have experienced tutors and Laser/IPL Protection Advisers and our Expert Medical Practitioner (EMP), Dr Philip Dobson has helped develop the new standards for non CQC registered clinics - so we know better than most how to help you get started.

Local Authority requirements & special treatment licences
We have a dedicated site on CQC regulatory compliance.
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There are some things you should check if you plan to set up a new laser/IPL facility and are not CQC registered:

Follow the link to go directly to the
Care Quality Commission (CQC) to see the new Acts and regulations.