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Practical Guide to Contraindications for Light Based Therapies

About the course, presentations, quality, parts of the course particularly useful and overall rating

“I have been to many lectures/courses, including University - I found this to be the best I have been to!”  “Everything was excellent - very informative and interesting. I’ve learned a lot”. “All very useful and really helpful”. “A really great day, I feel far more confident and have learned so much”.  “I will feel less daunted by asking questions about medications and drugs after today - excellent notes, information sheets and exercises”.  “Excellent day. Thanks”.

“A very informative day. Well explained and all questions readily answered”. “Covered everything I needed really well”. “Very enjoyable and helpful too”. “This was the best and most useful IPL course I have ever been on. I learned so much despite having been doing IPL for 5 years”. “I certainly feel more confident about taking a medical history and understanding the client answers”. “Tutors made it a great day”.

“Everything was great”. “Made to feel very welcome. A very informative day with everything very clear and concise”. “Section of lesions and skin cancers very useful”. “Reviewing the skin A&P and light-tissue interactions very helpful”.” Skin physiology was great”.”Very comprehensive. Overall the reinforcing of the past learning and new materials was excellent across the board”.

“This course was absolutely spot on for us and one that has been ‘missing’ for a long time. I loved the no-nonsense approach and many practical tips. It is not one of the courses you forget about tomorrow - I will have lots of work reviewing our policies and procedures. Can recommend to everybody”.

“Learning about the medications and diseases that contraindicate was really helpful”. “Very useful course”. “Everything was very good and useful”.”Skin anatomy and physiology and management of complications was excellent”. “User friendly advice and knowledge”. “The presentations were great”. “Perfect, learned a lot and answered all my questions”.

About our catering and facilities

“Great. Drinks available at all times. Food very nice”. “Very enjoyable buffet selection”.”Excellent & very clean”. “Perfect!” “It was great, very good”.  “Excellent”. ”Lunch was very good - plenty of it. Refreshments lovely”. “Facilities very good”. “Excellent”. “All very good”.  “Lovely, all very good, thank you”. “Amazing, not expecting such hospitality”. “Excellent, food was really nice, good selection, facilities clean and well kept”. “Fantastic. Very nice spread and supply of tea, juice, biscuits and sweets. Much better than any other course I have been on”.   “Just right for the day. All very good”. “Very good. Enjoyable selection of food”.  “Excellent!! More than adequate!”  “Facilities very good”  

“Excellent”. “Very good standard”. “Loved the food, good range with plenty of tea, coffee and water”. “Well catered for and comfortable, pleasant facilities”.

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